About Us



se·​cure | \ si-ˈkyu̇r

1A: free from danger

1B : affording safety a secure hideaway

1C : trustworthy, dependable a secure foundation

1D : free from risk of loss

2A : easy in mind, confident

2B : assured in opinion or expectation, having no doubt

Why we exist

Our mission is to be a catalyzer in advancing a cyber security ecosystem that inspires all members of society to be involved in information security to the extent of our common dependency to it. Everywhere we operate, we strive to be responsible, reliable and innovative member of our communities and industry.

Our History

Incorporated in 2019, Securitech Systems is born from a desire to change the décor in the cybersecurity MSP space. A passion for security-focused IT came from a passion for encryption technology and its applications in an constantly Internet-connected world. After assembling a team, we had opportunities to influence standards and the cyber space in Canada early on. The rest is history, in the books or in the making, we hope to count you among us as agents of change in the field.

Contact Us

contact @ securitechsystems.ca