We are enthusiastic to help raise the bar when it comes to cybersecurity in your business. Our varied portfolio of trainings are here to help you achieve your cybersecurity goals, no matter where you are starting from. Contact us for more details.

Cyber risk management

2 hours

You are using technology in increased proportions but cyber risk is a new concept for your business? This training introduces you to the notion of cyber risk and what it means for you and your business. Perfect for the company that is just starting to consider cybersecurity, startups, members of a professional order that require training and anyone wanting to explore the concepts of cyber risk.


Introduction – CyberSecure Canada

4 hours

Introducing the concepts of cyber risk and cyber security through the government of Canada’s own cybersecurity certification: CyberSecure Canada. For small and medium-sized businesses that aren’t yet sure of the direction they want to take in cybrsecurity, this training imparts the participants with the knowledge they need to make that decision. We explore the certification and its requirements to help you decide if it’s the right step to take for your organization.


Preparation –

CyberSecure Canada Certified Practicioner

16 hours

Securitech Systems has licenced training content from an official Certification Body of the CyberSecure Canada (CSC) certification (Watsec Risk Management). With the most up-to-date resources, we explore the technical and organizational controls of the CSC certification. This training ensures that your internal personnel for certification are aware of the requirements and work hand-in-hand with the practitioner to achieve them.


Preparation –

CyberSecure Canada

58 hours

The most complete, efficient training and certification path for CyberSecure Canada. Designed for those who know they want to lead in terms of cybersecurity as a small or medium-sized business. Our program is adapted to your infrastructure and we help guide you during the training towards certifying your business as fast and efficiently as possible. At the end of this training, your organization should be ready to apply for their certification audit from an approved Certification Body (CB)