To help you reach your cybersecurity goals, we stand united. Discover our partners and advisors

We partnered with experts in their specific fields to increase project integration and make the right decision no matter the context, specificities and data needed to make it happen. Get to know them here.

Doug Blakey

Founder, Waterloo Security / Watsec Risk Management


Doug heads Watsec Cyber Risk Management, an accreditation body for the CyberSecure Canada certification as well as Cyber Essentials Canada. Watsec also consults on cybersecurity adn cyber risk issues.

Marc Laporte

President and Founder, Avantech


Marc Laporte is an expert in open-source software. Since 1997, he heads the Avantech group and the development of Wikisuite; the only open-source ecosystem of software that can turly be customized to any business need.

Karl Morin

CEO and co-founder, Hive Datacenters Inc.


Karl Morin is a datacenter specialist and entrepreneur. Having owned a datacenter himslef, he stands as our reference in that field. He now operates a colocation business in Montreal and provides connections and transit to important regions of Quebec with his associates at Hive Datacenters.

Daniel J. Ward

Programmer (bash), information security engineer


Daniel is a seasoned programmer and an expert in all things bash scripting. He helps maintain critical systems located around the globe and is always ready for a new challenge. He excels at system administration under Linux-based systems and always finds an extinguisher where dumpster fires abound. Truly a one man army.